Tuition and Financial Aid

  • Pre-K: $8,830 per year
  • Kindergarten–8th Grade: $8,415 per year

The actual cost to educate a child at St. Mary’s School of Piscataway is $9,201.52 per student.

  • SMSP provides additional tuition assistance for families with one or more enrolled children, based on calculated need.
  • Families with one enrolled child are eligible for up to a 30% reduction in tuition, depending on calculated need.
  • Families with multiple children enrolled will receive a minimum of 17.5% reduction on the second child, 35% reduction on the third child, and 50% reduction for the fourth or greater child, with larger reductions applied based on calculated need.
  • Release of Records Form

Minimum Age Requirement for the 2020–2021 School Year

  • Pre-K3 - Must be age three by September 1, 2020
  • Pre-K4 - Must be age four by September 1, 2020
  • Kindergarten - Must be age five by September 1, 2020
  • Grade 1 - Must be age six by September 1, 2020

Additional Fees for the 2020–2021 School Year

  • Assessment and Testing Fee (New families only): $50 per student
  • Application Fee (New families only): $100 per student
  • Re-Enrollment (Returning students): $150 per student
  • Instruction (books, consumables, and materials): $200 per student
  • Technology (licenses, website maintenance, etc.): $200 per student
  • Home School Association (HSA): $100 per family
  • Graduation (8th grade students only): $115 per family

All school fees are non-refundable. School fees must be paid at the time of enrollment. School fees may be paid in two installments. The first payment is due by March 25, 2020, and the second payment is due by May 25, 2020.

Student Referral Program

Many of our families hear about St. Mary’s School of Piscataway through a personal referral from an existing school family. You are our best form of advertising, and we want to reward you for promoting our school to your family and friends! If you refer a new family, and that family enrolls a student at St. Mary’s School of Piscataway, your family will receive a $1,000 tuition credit. In addition to that $1,000 credit, the family that you refer will also receive a $1,000 tuition credit. Rules and conditions apply—please review our Student Referral Form for details.

Catholic Grant - $1500 Catholic Tuition Grant with Parish Verification

To be eligible for the $1,500 Catholic grant, the student must be in grades pre-K–8, be active in a Catholic parish, attend mass weekly, and participate in the life of the community of faith. In order to maintain the highest standards in our school and to keep our tuition affordable, we require every school family registered at St. Mary’s Church of Piscataway to attend mass and make use of the weekly contribution envelopes provided by the parish. In addition, families must meet the following:

  • Student has Catholic baptismal certificate
  • Family is registered, contributing, and active in a Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Washington
  • A Catholic Parish Verification Form has been submitted to the admissions director

Military Family Award

Financial Aid/Tuition Assistance Program

  • Current families, please apply on TADS by December 6, 2019. New families have until February 14, 2020, to apply for financial assistance.
  • Students in grades pre-K through 8th grade may apply for financial aid.
  • Parent must submit a timely and complete TADS financial aid application in order to qualify for any tuition assistance.
  • Archdiocese of Washington awards on average about 20% of the base tuition. 
  • Pastor's Tuition Assistance is another program that seeks to assist families in need. Please complete the Pastor's Tuition Assistance application to apply. In order to be considered for Pastor's Tuition Assistance, you must apply for Archdiocesan tuition assistance.

BOOST Scholarship

  • Tuition assistance is available from the state of Maryland for private school students with significant financial need. The Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) program provides scholarships for some students who are eligible for the free or reduced-price meals program to attend eligible nonpublic schools. Awards are granted based on household income, with the lowest income served first.
  • BOOST application is available online.

The sum of all assistance, grants, and rewards may not equal more than 50% of the base tuition.

Before/After Care

  • BAC Registration: $50
  • BAC Snack Fee: $80

If you do not register for full-time before and after care and drop in more than three times throughout the school year, the BAC registration and snack fee will be assessed through your TADS account.

One Child

  • Full-Time Before Care (Monthly): $100
  • Full-Time After Care (Monthly): $250
  • Full-Time Before and After Care (Monthly): $350
  • Drop In (Hourly): $10/hour

Two Children

  • Full-Time Before Care (Monthly): $150
  • Full-Time After Care (Monthly): $350
  • Full-Time Before and After Care (Monthly): $500
  • Drop In (Hourly): $15/hour

Three Children

  • Full-Time Before Care (Monthly): $225
  • Full-Time After Care (Monthly): $450
  • Full-Time Before and After Care (Monthly): $675
  • Drop In (Hourly): $20/hour

Four Children

  • Full-Time Before Care (Monthly): $325
  • Full-Time After Care (Monthly): $550
  • Full-Time Before and After Care (Monthly): $875
  • Drop In (Hourly): $25/hour

Drop in rates are per hour or any fraction thereof.