TADS Online Admissions for St Mary's School of Piscataway

Tuition and financial aid

Our tuition rate for the 2018-2019 school year is $7,700. This includes $350 in fees for instruction, activity, and technology fees. St. Mary’s School applies these funds towards: 

  • The cost of instructional materials
  • Technology upgrades and software licenses
  • Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) assessment fees
  • AdvancEd accreditation dues
  • All school programs and field trips

All payments are made through TADS, our registration and billing system. All payments begin July 2018. We have monthly installment plans available:

  • Four installment plan $1,925 per installment
  • 10 installment plan (July–April) at $770 per month
  • 11 installment plan (July–May) at $700 per month
  • 12 installment plan (July–June) at $641 per month

We offer discounts to families with more than one child:

  • One child: $7,700
  • Two children: $13,400
  • Three children: $19,100
  • Four children: $20,800

Additional Fees

These fees are due when you register your child at our school:

  • Application Fee: $50 per child, new students, non-refundable - Due with application
  • Registration Fee: $45 per child, non-refundable - Due with registration in TADS. This covers the cost of the agreement processing fee that TADS charges St. Mary’s Piscataway for each student.
  • 8th Grade Fee: $100 per child, non-refundable - Due no later than May 1, 2019. This fee covers the cost of graduation expenses for diplomas, cap and gowns, etc.

Catholic Family Scholarship

We offer a Catholic family scholarship of $1,000. Your family must be active in an Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) Catholic parish, attend mass weekly, and participate in the life of the community of faith. In order to keep our tuition affordable while maintaining the highest standards in our school, each school family who is registered at St. Mary’s Church of Piscataway is required to attend mass and make use of the weekly contribution envelopes. A family who is registered at another Catholic parish must provide a Catholic parish verification form from their pastor to be submitted to our school principal. 

Here is the tuition for families with more than one child after the Catholic family scholarship is applied:

  • One child: $6,700  
  • Two children: $11,400
  • Three children: $16,100
  • Four children: $24,800

Financial Aid/Tuition Assistance Program

St. Mary's Piscataway recognizes the significant sacrifices many families make to educate their child or children in a values-centered environment. To assist those families who qualify, St. Mary's Piscataway is involved with the following financial aid programs:

Before/After Care

Registration fee: $75 per family, non-refundable - Due when you register for before/after care in TADS. All payments are made through TADS. If you are late picking up your child, you will be charged late fees.

Monthly option:

  • One child: $350 per month 
  • Two children: $500 per month
  • Three children: $550 per month
  • Four children: $600 per month

Hourly option:

  • $8 per hour, per child

No child will be permitted to attend the St. Mary’s Piscataway before/after care program without registration per the Prince George’s County child care regulations.