Student Activities

Participation in extra-curricular activities, along with academics, will help your child become a well-rounded individual and learn to work with others.

Band (Grades 4–8) - St. Mary's band is open to students in grades 4–8. Both beginner band and advanced band have lessons every Wednesday. The band performs several concerts throughout the year. For more information, please contact Ms. Massimini or visit the Archdiocesan Music Program website.

Church Activities (All Grades) - We're pleased to offer some activities with the parish that can help with our weekly masses. Contact our faith formation representative for additional information.

  • Weekly Mass
  • Class Liturgy
  • Altar Servers (Grades 3–8)

High School Placement Test Prep (Grade 8) - This program helps prepare our eighth graders for their placement test in December. Contact Ms. Reavis for more information.

Karate Class (Ages 6 and Up) - Your child can learn the prestigious Japanese style of Itosu-Kai, studies in 20 countries worldwide. Lessons include the following:

  • Traditional, safety-oriented training methods
  • Japanese terminology and customs
  • Focus on self-control and concentration skills
  • Recognizing and avoiding danger
  • Achieving technical skill

Class is for all levels; new students and returning students continuing their training. Each student's own pace is honored; testing is done on individual basis as student progresses.

Mission Outreach Activities (All Grades) - Throughout the year, the students participate in activities to reach out to missionaries. This includes letter-writing and Rosary-making.

National Junior Honor Society (Grades 6–8) - More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Contact Ms. Lovette for more information.

Pre-K Helpers (Grade 8) - Students can volunteer to help out our youngest students. Contact Mrs. True for more information.

Safety Patrol (Grades 7–8) - Our safety patrols make sure that our drop-off lanes in the morning are safe for our students — especially our kindergarteners and first graders. Contact Mr. Sweda for more information.

Flag Crew (Grades 6–8)- Safety patrols are in charge of raising the flag in the morning and taking it down at the end of the school day.

Service Projects (All Grades) - All students participate in service projects to help the community throughout the year. This includes Toys for Tots, coat drives, food drives, sandwich making, and much more!

Soccer (Grades Pre-K–8) - Catholic Youth Recreation League focuses on the development of beginner soccer skills. It's perfect for building friendships and introducing children to the concept of team sports. Children in kindergarten through eighth grade are welcome to come out regardless of athletic ability or religious affiliation. For more information, go to the Southern Maryland Youth Soccer Association website.

Student Council (Grades 5–8) - Our student council is chosen by votes from fellow classmates. They will find ways to improve our school and help our community. Contact Mr. Sweda for more information.