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Blessing of the Media Center

Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s first visit to St. Mary’s School of Piscataway in Clinton, Maryland, for a January 4 Mass and then a blessing of the school’s new Media Center marked a time to celebrate the past and future of the parish and school community.

The parish’s name reflects its historic connection to that region’s Piscataway tribe of Native Americans. A large, dramatic painting above the baptistry in the church by artist Henry Wingate depicts the 1640 baptism of Piscataway Tayac (chieftain) Kittamaquund by Jesuit Father Andrew White, the “apostle of Maryland” who celebrated the first Catholic Mass in the English-speaking colonies in 1634 at St. Clement’s Island. The Prince George’s County Parish traces its beginning to 1640, and the painting memorializes the historic baptisms of the Piscataway leader and his family members, which happened not far from the present-day church.

Ms. Lynsie Reavis New Principal

After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2009 with a degree in elementary education, Lynsie Reavis remembers that “I desperately wanted to be a middle school teacher.”

She got her first job at St. Mary’s School of Piscataway in Clinton, Maryland, but as a first-grade teacher.

At first, I was terrified… (but) once we started rolling, I loved it,” she said.