Parent's Page

Please use this list of sites to help your family during the school year. You can also find answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


IXL is a program for math and language arts practice problems. You can obtain login information from your child's teacher. 

Redicker’s Parents Portal

Parents Portal in Redicker is a communication tool between our school's administration, parents, students, and teachers. Parents can access grades, homework assignments, and attendance information. Contact the school office for more information.

AR Book Finder

You can search for a book for your child's book report by following the below instructions. 

  • Go to AR Book Finder.
  • Select "Parent."
  • Click on the "Advance Search" tab.
  • Enter in your child's Interest (Grade) Level, ATOS / ZPD (Reading) Level, and additional criteria as necessary.
  • Click "Go."

Renaissance Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect gives you access to your child's progress in Accelerated Reader (AR), Accelerated Math (AM), and MathFacts in a flash. You can obtain login information from your child's teacher. 

Volunteer Hours

We require parents to complete twenty hours of volunteer service each year for school and parish associated activities and events. Ask your child's teacher how you can help, and see below for information on how to become a volunteer.

Home School Association (HSA)

The Home and School Association (HSA) is the official organization representing the parents and staff at our school. 

There are least four general HSA meetings during the school year. The primary purpose is to share information and get updates about our school, including events and fundraisers.

School Supplies for 2020–2021

Find your list of school supplies needed for this school year.