Our Mission and Beliefs

We know it is important to instill in our students a Christ-centered education. It is through Him that all things great and small are possible.

Our School’s Mission Statement

St. Mary's School, rooted in Christ, supports the development of students, their families, and the community. Building on our tradition of excellence, we continue to grow in faith, knowledge, and love by recognizing the worth and dignity of each individual as a child of God.

Our School’s Belief Statements

Catholic education is an explicit expression of the evangelizing mission entrusted by Jesus to His church. Our beliefs are:

  • to teach the message of Jesus Christ through prayer, word, and example;
  • to promote self-esteem, moral, and spiritual values, enabling the students to reach full awareness of their God-given talents;
  • to build, within a parish setting, a strong community based on Christian faith and service;
  • to provide a structured and enriched educational program; and
  • to provide an atmosphere that empowers students to achieve their potential as children of God who impact the local and global community.

This process is enhanced by parents, staff, teachers, and administrators whose lives are modeled on Gospel values as they teach, serve, and build community as Jesus did.