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Google Meet Expectations

Be sure to review our Google Meet Expections for safe and fun distance learning. Thank you.

Google Meet Expectations
  • Be on time
    • Wake up early
    • Eat a good breakfast
  • Find a quiet place
    • No distractions
    • Turn off cell phone
  • Video on
    • Turn on camera
    • Make sure you're visible
    • Be dressed appropriately
  • Mute microphone
    • Turn off your microphone except when you are speaking
  • Log on
    • Do not sign in until you see your teacher in the room
  • Come prepared
    • Materials are ready
    • Tech is charged or plugged in
    • Headphones are available
  • Participation
    • Raise your hand
    • Ask questions using chat box
    • Speak clearly
  • Be attentive
    • Stay focused
    • Pay attention to the speaker
    • Stay on topic
  • Be respectful
    • Be kind
    • Be considerate
    • Be responsible